QuickLaunch 2.5

Today I am happy to announce QuickLaunch 2.5: Introduction of ‚/s‘ command which replaces ‚/sc‘, ‚/rs‘ and ‚/as‘ Removed ‚/as‘ Removed ‚/rs‘ Removed ‚/sc‘ I finally got my hands on an device running OSX so I could improve a few things QuickLaunch detects OSX usage Shortcut brings QuickLaunch window to front (Missing the focus so […]

QuickLaunch 2.2

Good morning everyone, QuickLaunch 2.2 is here  with a few new cool features: ‚/sc‘ got updated and is now way cleaner. The window won’t get oversized if you have a lot of shortcuts. The shortcut to bring you QuickLaunch window to the front and make it active works now just fine on Linux. (Tested on […]

QuickLaunch 2.15

Hey folks, the transition to JavaFX is complete. Introduced Notifications instead of pop-up windows ‚/v‘ shows version number as notification All guis are now JavaFX based for example ‚/sc‘ or ‚/as‘ The font bug is fixed and text looks the same on every OS (Linux and Windows tested) You can get the update through the […]

QuickLaunch 2.0

Hey people, I know I skipped a few updates here on the blog (actually only two) but today I am happy to release QuickLaunch 2.0. Moved various guis to JavaFX for a modern look and feel (On Linux I had to install „java-openjfx“ for QuickLaunch to start) ESC button minimizes QuickLaunch now Side not: This […]

QuickLaunch 1.32 and pPw Android

So here it is again QuickLaunchs key combination has changed. For now it is Ctrl Left + Y because there is no OS shortcut interfearing with it. I am planning to make this setting customizable in the future but for now that is the only way. pPw Android got a new button which allows you […]

QuickLaunch 1.3

So there it is QuickLaunch 1.3 I made a very important update to the way QuickLaunch gets updated interally. You will hopefully not notice anything and you don’t have to update QuickLaunch via the website. Small side note QuickLaunch can now be brought to the front with Ctrl + Left Alt because eclipse uses the […]

pPw versions updated

So today I am happy to announce that all versions of pPw have been updated. ppw.cookiestudios.org has now a copy to clipboard button and does not display the pPw in clear in the first place. The android app also features a copy to clipboard button. All versions of pPw are waiting for you to make […]